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Monthly button Swap Party "September"

It is that time again... are you ready for the party?
First I would like to recap what I have been up to since the last party.
I did a feature post on "The Dedicated House" Kathryn was my button swap partner for August.
 Read feature post here Photobucket

I did a little lamp make over 
I did 3 projects with paper & glue 
I received wonderful gifts from a friend
We had our "Crazy Day"

Then we retraced our steps ,from our crazy day ... and got some amazing photos:)

Sharing this post here :)

Here is the

This party is a monthly button swap party. It works like this, everyone interested in joining the party will add their blog button. You will have 7 days to do so. When party closes, I will randomly select two blog buttons at a time & pair 2 partners up, I will post the partners that will be swapping buttons on my next post.(I may also feature some of the blogs)Partners will be swaping buttons with eachother for one month.You should make a post telling everyone who your months swap partner is and display their button in the post and on your side bar. (If it is ok with your partner, you may want to share some photos or posts from their blog)(get as creative as you like)Your partner will do the same for you. Click HERE to see an example of a swap partner post.I ask that your blog be dedicated to decor, thrifting,food, vintage and all things closley related.Party will take place the first of every month.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Crazy Day Revisited

Hi ! Yes this is me :) Where am I you might ask. Well do you remember Mine and Nathans "Crazy Day" ...the day , we didn't have our camera with us?  The day we passed fields of wild flowers,antique stores,chickens ... a vineyard... a sparkling little brook ... the day we found our post for our living room?  The picture is me revisiting that day.
Nathan enjoyed our detoured ... scenic route so much that last weekend he decided to try and retrace our steps.  This time I was ... prepared, with camera in hand :)  would you believe we didn't see anything interesting.  That is what I thought I was going to be saying at the end of this day ... after all this time I was ready... click click :)  but, I am glad to say ... today I have the photo's to show you, that I didn't have last time . We didn't find everywhere ... and we found some things we didn't find last time and some places we just ran out of time for ... I kind of slowed things down with my picture taking:)
Well lets start here at the feild of Queens Annes lace ... I think this first photo is one of my favorites of the day.  The blue sky, red barn, the Queen Annes lace and old fence. Does this not say ..the country :)

A lot were starting to close up and turn to seed .. But I think they still made a lovely picture.
How about that stone shed ... left of the barn. Well at least that's what I think it is :)

Remember the primitive antique store? A picture is worth a thousand words.
don't you just love that old truck?
Chippy here, rusty there ... great stuff everywhere :)
Check out the tires on the old truck .. the hubcaps/spokes are wood ... chippy yellow wood.
That barrel would make a great rain catcher  ... would't have caught much rain here this summer though.  The table would make a great kitchen island wouldn't it :)
I wonder if they would sell me this chippy little gate ... even though it is attached to the building.
This time they had posts... but these didn't have the pipe channel in the back the one that was meant for us:)
Flowers in an old shoe anyone? I bet this would be a great conversation starter in the garden.
ladders...a scale some clay pots... great stuff for inside or out.
Nathan took some pictures of the inside of the shop. It was so dark inside there... im surprised the photos show anything. I apologize for how bad they look...but I thought I would share them anyway, so yous can get a peek of what it was like inside.
I love that old tattered quilt. I snagged that primitive bask with the metal handle for our e-Boutique. Let me tell you, I won't be sad If it never sells:) we added other new thing to our e-Boutique as well :)
There were great pieces everywhere.

Love the old tool box.  How about this large butter churn...I bet this makes a lot of butter:)
this piece actually sold while we were there.

After the primitive shop, we found the vineyards.  There were lovely wooded areas like this all around the vineyards.
Do trees have belly buttons? I'm pretty sure this one does:) Crazy looking tree trunk don't ya think?
Well here are the vineyards ...isn't this such a lovely view?

It was just beautiful there.
Here is the little brook or stream, that we passed after leaving the vineyards.
Right about here is where we ran into chickens on the road last time. Trying to find the chickens we ran into these geese... there were so many and they were so beautiful.

They all started marching one after the other, they started getting into the water and swimming across the pond:)
Nathan snapped this lovely shot of the hillside.
I took this next photo ... this is the view, coming out of the gun shop.  I told you this little gun shop was in the middle of nowhere. Where else but in the middle of nowhere would you get a shot like this. This is another one of my favorite shots of the day:)
After leaving the gun shop we headed back towards home. We passed a lot of stone houses and stone barns. If not barns then some sort of large stone buildings. They were all so beautiful.

Then we came across this lovely property and of course I wanted to stop and take pictures.
This property had this great old house on one corner and across the street was a guest cottage and beyond that there was a small lake. When we stopped the car, a lovely woman and her teenage daughter, that were taking in the sun on the dock, shouted out ... to make sure we were not broke down. They were happy to let us take pictures and were some of the friendliest people I've met. Here is the wonderful old house situated among all the tall trees. Straight across from the house was this old shed type structure ... it was built right in the small hillside.

There is a small retaining wall on each side of the concrete building. The building goes right back, built right into the hill. Pretty different:) I love it.
Here is a closer shot. There is a small wood door in the front. I'm calling it a shed type structure ... but I don't really know what it was built to serve as. I just think it is pretty cool.
Then when you cross the main road, there is the guest cottage. It is part built of wood and part built of stone. What a great little cottage:)

Just look at those windows and the sweet little shutters. Look at the hardware...beautiful.
Behind the cottage was the lake... I didn't want to take pictures of the lake with the family down there... I didn't want to invade their privacy ... they were already so kind as to let us roam about taking pictures. Actually they seemed very flattered. I have to say ... they were the sweetest family ... I bet they have built many cherished memories there../ behind those wood and stone walls,under those tall towering trees and at their quiet serene lake.
Here is the last picture I took on the way home just before my camera battery died.  This too is one of my favorites:)
so these flowers are for you ... for taking the time to stop by and revisit  our crazy day with us.

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See you at the party:)

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