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Living Room
Our very small living room, always seems to be changing. I'm sure you can tell this is a very small room approx 11.5'x14'.  The wall behind sofa and the wall on the left have large windows. opposite the sofa and to the right are two large openings , fitted with pocket doors. To the right is the entry to the dinning room and the other is the foyer. So having no full walls, limits artwork and furniture placement. Not to mention ...there is a long radiator under the window on the left and the window over the sofa has a pipe to the left of it.

To see a closer look around the living room click here

Below are some updated kitchen photos ... there is a new light, new chairs at the island and subway tile back splash.
I want to call this our small kitchen at approx 14'X14' ,but compared to our last kitchen this is big.

There is a doorway on the wall with the stove and one next to the fridge. The one with the stove goes into the foyer and the one with the fridge goes into the dinning room. The kitchen looks very different than when we moved in ... there are still things I would like to do, I would like to eventually put in butcher block counters ... all in good time:)

To see more of the kitchen click here

Laundry room
in progress



I am currently working on the dinning room ...here is my inspiration board that I put together.

Here is one of the chairs I made over for the space.

I perhaps should have left my bedroom out ...I haven't really started in here yet.

Megan's Room
My daughter Megan , loves her color. Pale aqua walls and pops of color everywhere. I love the antique quilt I purchased at an antique shop in Hamburg Pa.. The colors and hand stitching are stunning.

Side of House
a work in progress

Even though I can't remember what it is called, this is one of my favorite plants in my shade garden

I also have some hostas in there ...along with other unknown plants.Oh yes...I can't forget the weeds :( oh no :o 

My back yard holds one of my favorite flowers. This one I know the name of.  It is called Liatris, also known as Blazing-star & Gay-feather

My daughter took this beautiful photo of the liatris and bee. She calls it Bee-U-tiful! Click on her photo to take a peek at her blog. She just started it ...I'm trying to encourage her creativity and writing abilities. I'm sure she would love your visiting.


More coming soon!
Thank you for walking through my house with me I hope you will visit again.


  1. Your house is so charming! When you figure out how to edit the things you truly love, please let me know. I wouldn't change a thing; it's perfect.

  2. Loved the tour, your home is very inviting looking!


  3. Those are lily of the valley (the ones on the side of the house). Your house is lovely. You have such lovely taste in decor and know how to accessorize. I'm so jealous. Accessorizing is not my forte' although I love seeing the talent in others.

  4. Thank you for such a lovely tour - love your master bed. The plant is called Solomons Seal, I have it growing in my shade garden and it is also one of my favorites.

  5. I love all of your unique pieces! Beautiful home!

  6. I just love your home inside and out. You really have a great eye with decorating.

  7. Your home is extremely charming...and I see lots of whimsy, too. I like how you angled your beds in each room - it lends a bed and breakfast feel. Very cozy and inviting. I also love your table and how you placed it on the back porch.

    Well done, and thanks for sharing.


  8. Don't "edit" anything. It is perfect.

  9. Solomon's seal, ( Lily of the Valey are smaler and scented)


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