Sunday, September 9, 2012

Announcing Septembers Button Swap Partners

How is everyone on this lovely Sunday morning?

 I'm just getting over some sort of summer cold or something. It started with runny nose and sneezing, then low grade fever... then ...then this miserable , horrible ,nagging cough. That cough just would not stop...I think Nathan thought I was dying. He was sitting on the bed reading a book, he threw his book down and said" that's it i'm going to wallmart to get something, you can't stay like this" He was down stairs keys in hand and out the door before I could even ask what he was going to get. I have only coughed 2 times today and I'm feeling much better. I'm hoping to be 100% tomorrow ...because I have a stressful week ahead.
They are coming on Monday to put in a floor in the attic and then on Tuesday and Wednesday they are going to start ripping my entire roof off ... sound like so much fun doesn't it :) 
I'm sure I will be thrilled when it is finally done:)

Ok I am babbling on when you came here to check out who the Septembers Button Swap partners are.

First, I would like to thank everyone that came to the party. I am so happy that you joined and that many from last month came back...thanks for the support:)
Here are your partners:

  paired with  

  paired with  

  paired with  

Have fun with your partners,  I can't wait to read your wonderful posts! In case your wondering ... there wasn't a partner for me ... that's ok... I have a plan :)
Thanks again for joining:)
Any one that hasn't yet visited any of these blogs ... why don't you pay them a visit and say hi:)

I would also like to share with everyone this wonderful site that I stumbled upon ... I'm sure you will have fun looking around ...perhaps it will inspire a new project or maybe even a new hobby:)
It is called  LIBERTY BIBERTY 
Hope you have fun looking around there ... I know I did :)

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