Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Crazy Day

Did you ever have one of those days that you say "why didn't we bring the camera"? Well we had one of those days Saturday. What turned out to be a great day for photographs also turned out to be a great day for treasure hunting. Our plans for the day were to go to a small gun shop in which we have never been, to find supplies for an antique french rifle Nathan won on auction (I'm sure he will post more details about that). The shop was about an 1hr and 1/2 away but not to far from an antique store that we like to shop once or twice a year.

Other than finding the supplies that Nathan needed and maybe something new at Hamies , we expected the day to be pretty basic. Little did we know we were in for an eventful day. The Garmin decided to take us the scenic rout and scenic it was. The first thing i noticed on our way was this lovely field of Queen Annes lace, surrounded by a lovely old wood fence. It was so lovely ...I said "tell me we brought the camera". Nope no camera. I told Nathan we will probably see more cool stuff just because we didn't have the camera. I was just joking, Little did I know where these back roads would lead. Shortly after we saw the field of wild flowers we ran into this amazing primitive antique store ... just from the outside we knew it was going to be way cool. I would love to show you pictures of the out side of the shop ... oh that right I can't ... we didn't have our camera :0
I guess I will just have to settle on just showing you what I claimed as my own and brought home with me.
The first two thing I shoved under my arm were these two old cutting boards ... I just loved them. Nathan Liked them ... but I don't think he was as excited about them as I was :)

Aren't they great ... I wonder how many meals were prepared on these and whose hands did the chopping.
Although Nathan wasn't as excited about the boards as I was ...his eyes did light up when he spied a stack of  feed sacks setting on an old rickety chair. He studied them all closely and then decided on this one. I think he made a great choice.
This is the top half and the bottom has blue cows.

I don't have a picture of the whole sack ... but this one is a really large one.
we have it stashed away in the old tool box in our kitchen, untill we decide what to do with it:)
There were many great things there. Amazing pieces of furniture and old doo dads. Most of which was a bit to pricey for us, but I am glad we did find these. Were really excited about them.
Back on the road ... what more is there to see, we already saw an amazing field of flowers and Antique shop to add to our list of must returns. As we were driving we looked to our left ..."Look ... grab the camera... I see hills... there are vineyards over there" You guessed it... that's right no camera :(
then we passed this lovely little brook and cows in the pasture. This is all because we don't have our camera...Grrr.
Nathan loves ...loves...loves birds... chicken etc. After seeing all these picture worthy things ...Nathan says we better not see chickens. Not ten minutes  down the road , what do you think we saw?
I'll show you ... here is a picture with my dinosaur of a cell phone.
Chickens in the road no less :)
Ok we finally found the gun shop ... with all the distractions we won't make it to Hammies before they close. That was ok with us the shop of primitives ... vineyards...chickens, we were happy. We went into this awesome little gun shop out in the middle of no where, the inside was full of amazing things. We left there with Nathans supplies and 3 handmade glass knobs,oil can, strong box and a beautiful powder flask. I didn't take pictures of the knobs yet but check out this flask.
Look at that design and that rabbit ...I LOOOOOVE it!

 Just when you think the day couldn't get any better we drive through this little town called Krumsville , Standing in front of us is this old mercantile built in the 1860, Sitting outside were barrels and buckets ... things chippy and rusty. I didn't even have to say stop, Nathan was already pulling over. It was already after 5 so we rushed to the door to make sure they were still opened. The sign said open but the door was locked. Oh stink I thought. We thought we would look around out side just for fun. Oh my goodness... Is that a white chippy wooden post/pillar. That is gorgeous I thought. Nathan knew I always wanted to disguise the pipe running up the wall in our living room, Looking at an angle It appeared to be a half pillar. I told Nathan perhaps we could build sides and cover the pipe in the living room. Then I said what does it matter they are closed any way. I started walking away...Then I heard Nathan call out babe with some excitement in his voice. I turned around and he was holding the pillar, he showed me the back ... there was a curved channel running down the back. How more perfect could that be  to cover that nasty pipe in the living room.This was meant to be. I said... are you sure the door is locked as I headed toward the door. I grabbed the handle ... thinking this has been to good of a day for it to end like this. I pushed the door...Yes its locked...why does the sign say opened ...did they forget to turn it. Ok one more time ...Just in case .I pushed again really hard. It swung opened. I turned to Nathan and said ...They are opened or ...I just broke in :0, as a little sheltie barked and ran toward me. Don't worry ...all is good. The door was just stuck ... the building was built in the 1860's after all :)
He told me $8.00 for the post . I declared SOLD!

It fit perfect was just the right size:)
What do you think ...was it just meant to be ?lol

Need less to say I am thrilled to have found it.
We also found there an old alarm clock, an old rusty metal wooden match dispenser and the salvaged pieces of iron work shown below.

I think they are great display pieces.
I'm not sure what they were from... I'm glad someone saved them ... I think they are lovely.

I might keep one and put one up for sale. Maybe :)
That was our day ... we had a quiet and happy ride home.
An eventful and crazy day wouldn't you say?
When Nathan posts about this you will have to read his view of the day ... he has already advised me of many details I have left out :)lol
He is a wonderful writer ....I'm looking forward to reading his take on the day. I will let you know when he posts it.
If you have stuck with me all this way ...then you are a patient reader and I thank you.

I also wanted to remind everyone about the button swap party... you still have one more day to add your button. Click here for more info:)

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  1. Francine,

    I'd say that you had one FUN filled day! You sure found some great things. How weird is that...that you would find a wooden pillar with a channel in the back! I'd say that was fate for sure. It was destined to come home with you.

    Next time don't forget to take your camera. I've done that soooo many times and lived to regret it. Oh the pictures I could have taken...

  2. I stuck it out and read it all....sounds like a fun fun day. When our kids were younger...because I could never remember the camera...I put one of those throw away ones in the glove compartment!

  3. Francine...Oh, envy...What a glorious day!!!Blessings, Becky

  4. I stuck it out and read every word. I would have been very disappointed if the store had been closed. Love your pillar and what you did with it is fabulous. I have a small collection of those old posts and just love having them.

  5. What great finds! That post couldn't be more perfect. I love your pretty living room too.

  6. Thanks for following my blog! I am your newest follower, too! I love your style :-)

  7. I'd say you made out like a bandit! Those breadboards are great, but the post is making me jealous! What a steal.
    Mary Alice

  8. I just loved your story. I'm like you with the "we have the camera, right?" concerns. Who needs a camera when you describe it all so vividly. That post is amazing. You must be in heaven finally having something that bugged you remedied in such a cool way. What a fun day going the scenic route. Sounds like a great day to me! I'll have to read Nathan's version now. I look forward to his take. How fun to have you both posting.

  9. Oh Francine, I'll say that pillar was meant to be. It absolutely fits perfect and I love the chippiness! I can't believe you got that for only $8. That is a fantastic price. You found so many other wonderful treasures and I loved your story. I could picture that Queens Anne's Lace even without the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing with Share Your Cup. I would love to read hubbies version. You'll have to tell me his blog. It's so funny how men and woman see things completely different.

  10. Charming! You had me at the first flea market finds and most of all I LOVE your old tool box with a star on the side. Thank you for visiting my printable gift tags, I hope you will use them soon :)

  11. Your trip was worth it just for the pipe cover...perfection! Thanks for taking us on your journey! Twas fun!

  12. What a great day of Treasure hunting. Great finds and you have displayed them so beautifully. Came over From My Front Porch to Yours Treasure Hunt Thursday.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures.

  13. What a fun day and great finds! Yup, it never fails, I find myself without my camera in places that I end up muttering to myself "Why don't I have my camera?!" Thank you for sharing at TTF. have a terrific day!

  14. Great finds Francine. It really was your lucky day. Thanks for linking up to Shabbilicious Friday this week.

  15. What a fun day and you came home with some great things! Thanks for joining the Open House party.

  16. Sounds like you had an awesome day! I love all of these treasures that you found! Thanks for sharing on Marvelous Mondays. :)

  17. Great finds at the flea market. Love the old post! It looks perfect in your beautiful living room. It was meant to be.

  18. Great finds. I am always forgetting my camera. I need it attached to my car keys. Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


  19. Wow, sounds like my kind of day!! Love the chippy pillar and those metal things...I think you should keep them both, they look great together :) Laurel

  20. LOVE all your treasures. My favorite is the post!! Thanx for coming to party at my place.

  21. Great finds! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  22. Wow. I'd say that post was meant to be! What are the chances that it would have a curved channel on the back. So cool. Looks great!

  23. I'm a bit tardy, but wanted to leave you a note that you are featured on Potpourri Friday at 2805!

  24. I'm in love with all your treasures. That post must be about the luckiest find ever. It looks great in your living room.

  25. that post is simply devine....and looks great...and the price...How lucky can you get...the drive sounds so fun ....and all the spots you wanted to take will have to go back...all your finds so darn them all....will have to come back and spend more time....If you follow Donna over at her blog, as a Junk lover I know you must...I hope you have seen her post...a few prayers for her nephews wife Cindy.


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