Friday, July 26, 2013

Inspired to do a faux Zinc Lamp

I had bought 2 of these brown lamps from overstock, thinking that I would paint them white or something.
I wasn't sure I would really like them brown. I lived with them brown for a while ... and I was right ...I just wasn't loving them brown. I remembered a great lamp redo, done by Flea Market Trixie . She did a faux zinc on lamps that were very similar to mine and they turned out wonderful. So I thought I would give it a try.

I sprayed them with a self etching primer in a dk grey. After they were dry, I added a little water in some white craft paint ... brushed on the watered down paint in one direction working around the lamp. I did about a two inch strip around at a time. Then I quickly wiped of the white paint with a paper towel. I repeated that all the way up the lamps until I was done.
They were really easy to do and I love the way they turned out.

I love lamp redos ... there are so many techniques and colors ... the sky s the limit.

The best part ... if I get board of these in a few years ... I can just repaint them :)

But for now I think they fit right in.

Now if only every project could be that quick and easy :)

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Kitchen Backsplash

I have been wanting to change the counter tops and back splash for a long time.
Well the back splash is done...counters...not so much yet:)
Here is a close up of the tile we used... it is the same tile and grout we used in the bathroom.
If you would like information on them go to the bathroom post HERE.

Above is one view of the kitchen ... the tile back splash makes such a big difference in the kitchen.  To the left, on the lower shelves are some glass canisters that I used chalk board paint on ... so I could label them and  I finally hung a vintage slate chalkboard that I found a while back.  It is hanging on the side of the if you could have missed it LOL :)
Apparently I like the color green:)

Above is another view of the kitchen.  The light fixture and island stools are a new addition.
You might have noticed ...I also have a thing for cutting boards:)

 On the island , In the $1 gravy boat from the Christmas tree shop holds some cut lemon balm from my yard.

Here in the $1 creamer ... again from the Christmas tree shop, is some juniper from my front yard.  I have never brought the juniper in before.  It is a very pretty green  and seems to hold up well inside , in some water .  Ok I will admit it , the olive tree is not real ... but I think its cute (mostly because I can't kill it:)

Here is a third view of the kitchen.  If your wondering what is behind the curtain ... keep wondering;) no no ... I am just kidding. It is my laundry room. I would like to eventually put frosted french doors there.  I would eventually like to do a lot of things. Finish the painting in my bathroom, finish my dining room, replace the counters in my kitchen... you see where i'm going with this, not enough energy or money. Am I the only one that tortures themselves like this?

Here is a closer look at the island stools. I got them at a really good price on HauteLook.  I can't remember what I paid .... but it was a steal.

I hope you enjoyed looking around at the small progress my kitchen has made.  I enjoyed showing you:)

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