Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ruffles and Tile, Bathroom project PART 1

Happy to announce that my bathroom is getting done , after 6 1/2 short years.
Here is the tile we went with. It is a 3 x 6 snow white subway with grey glass and stone accent tiles.
Below is a picture of our bathroom before we moved in. A friend took this picture when I went to look at the house.  I'm using this picture to show you the attractive(NOT!) liner that was in my bathroom shower, because I forgot to take a before picture of the liner .

Here is day one of the work, with some of the liner pulled out.

Still day one, the dry wall is out and the cement board is going in.
Lath and plaster walls (Gotta love them:)
Below is the end of day one.
Day two, tile is going in :)
Here is the tile in, now waiting on the new bathroom window,bath shelves & grouting. I decided to turn the subway tile on its side for the border. I thought it might be a fun look.

Day 3, shelves and soap dish in, but we are still waiting on the window. The new shower head is in. Yay!
Here is a better look at the shelves, we wen't with 4, two on each side.
The 4th day, window is in and the tiling around the window is done. We Decided to use the leftover accent tiles to frame out the window. In case anyone is wondering the tiles were bought at Home Depot. The white are United States Ceramic(US Ceramic) 3 x 6 Snow white. The Grout is POLYBLEND in Delorean gray.
Here is a peak at the new ruffled shower curtain. The curtain is from
The bathroom is in the process of a new floor and new vanity top. I will keep you posted.
What do you think of the tile, would you have done anything different?

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