Thursday, September 29, 2011

If you can't beat them ...

If you can't beat them .... Join them  cut them down and stick them in water.

If you haven't already met the Poke Berry plant aka Poke weed also known by several other names, Then let me introduce you.  Sitting in the above milk bottle is my Poke berry plant. It is growing wild in the yard next to us infringing on my lemon balm ... if you can believe that. I was pretty sure it was a weed at first but when it started to make these pretty berries ...I wasn't sure any more. So I looked it up on line. It is classified as an herb but before you start cutting down Poke weed and bringing it in ,you need to know it is poisonous if ingested .I don't have any pets scurrying around or small children..... so I feel safe admiring its beauty up close. If you have poke weed growing close by please read up on it before you decide to bring it in the house. Even if you don't think its pretty as I do ... at least you know what it looks like and  know that it can be dangerous . I also learned  that it does have redeeming qualities like...  The berries and dried roots are used in herbal remedies. The berries juice was once used for inks and dyes. New research revealed that a possible cure for childhood leukemia is found in the common poke weed (very interesting read), also during the civil war the ink was used in the writing of letters. There is a lot to learn about this plant. Look it up if you find the time. I think I might dye some fabric ...who knows:)


  1. that is some gorgeous weed, and love the jars.
    that's the right attitude,


  2. So THAT's what it's called...I have it all around the outskirts of my yard - it's very invasive indeed!

  3. That looks really pretty, I love how the berry clusters hang down. Glad to know they are poisonous...wouldn't want to bring them in my house...little ones would probably eat them!



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