Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do It yourself dollhouse

I thought I would share with you the plans for the dollhouse we built with the kids quite a few years ago.
It is a very uncomplicated box sort of :)

Sorry for the quality of the photos ... If you saw the camera they were taken with back then, you would understand.  This is the living room after the papering and painting the floor.
This is the living room after we put all the little accessories in.
Don't you just love how the gold fish is looking at the fish food and the cat is looking at him :)

If you would like to see more pictures of the house and a little more info please go to Meg's Mini Treasures 
Before my health problems I used to have a real passion for dollhouse miniatures.
Things that I made in the living room above include the goldfish,the pillows on the sofa,the tea cup and books on the table,the photo album behind the birdhouse lamp and the doll in the chair.
BTW Meg still has this dollhouse ... she won't part with it :)
Hope these plans will be use full to 1 or 2 of you DIYers out there :)


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