Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An Easy Recycle Project ... Right Under my Nose

I take approx 5 different herbs every day and a few others that I take once in a while , as needed. Well about a week ago I realized that some of these herbs come in nice glass bottles. They kind of remind me of the old apothecary bottles.
Isn't this a great glass bottle ... made only sweeter by adding this darling butterfly label.
The old label pealed of pretty easy on this bottle... no soaking in water or any of that annoying stuff.
I hope they all come off that easy ... because I plan on recycling every one of them:)
They make adorable little vases . They are even cute by them selves.
FREE STUFF ...I Love it !!!
On this bottle I made my own label using this graphic from the Graphics Fairy. For tips on attaching your label look HERE .
I'm going to do one in color too ... I love the green:)
I may recycle some of the plastic ones for things like paper clips, tacks, staples and such.
 I couldn't decide on which pictures to use... so I just put them all up.
So you have probably guessed, the next time I do my herb buying ...I will look for the ones in the glass bottles. 
So here is where my little free bottle ended up for now. It's on this ladder like shelf in my living room, next to a little bottle of seeds from my garden:) I would love to hear some of your recycling tips:)

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  1. The small bottles are adorable and with that vintage looking lavel, just perfect! Your vignette looks like a vintage photo from an old book. LOVELY! I just followed you, hope you want to follow back too. Thank you for your sweet and kind comment.

  2. What a beautiful, clean and soft look this is. The label is really lovely, as well as the flowers in the jar. So pretty, especially grouped with the other vintage items.


  3. Hello
    Your vignettes are wonderful the colors all blend so nicely
    the herbal jars are perfect
    I found you on No Mininmalist here blog

  4. Very pretty! I am on several herbs and supplements for Lyme disease, CFS and Fibromyalgia and some of mine come in the little glass bottles too! Yay, a new idea from you!


  5. the jar is perfectly transformed with the butterfly graphic - love your vignettes - don't you just LOVE The Graphics Fairy! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  6. Oh yes, it looks like a vintage apothecary jar! Love the graphic and the Queen Anne's Lace is beautiful in it. I also noticed your sweet metal tins of some sort in one of the pictures. I bought some bubble bath that came in a pretty glass bottle with a pretty stopper. Had to save it and fill it with pearls. Been going to add a graphic, but haven't yet. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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