Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dinning Room Inspiration Board

This is the inspiration board I put together for my dinning room makeover.

The back wall is going to be the grey (behind the green plate) and the 3 other walls is going to be a pale tan ...almost off white(next to it). I already have the rug .. It is not the one on the board but it has the same colors.
The rose prints came in and so did the grey fabric for the chair seats. I need to paint the chairs so the seats can get done. Hopefully I will be doing that this coming week. I already did the table is a picture of the table in case you didn't see that post.

here is a picture of the rug I chose.

 I hope I will have more pictures for you soon.
 I can't wait until the room is all done.  I would love to here your comments  or suggestions. 
Click here to go to the first post of the dinning room for the before if you didn't see it.

   The DIY Show Off


  1. Looks like your are off to a great start with your dining room. The table looks great with its painted legs. I'm glad you left the top dark. The chairs will look great painted, too. Love the rug you selected.

  2. Nice blog you have here....I really like your style!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the reveal. I love the rug and the mood board is such an inspiration. Great job!


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