Monday, September 5, 2011

Much needed dining room makeover

in the process...   I'm redoing the dining room ,so it will fit in with the other rooms in my house. I found this damaged antique table at a flea market ....with the hopes of one day redoing it .... well about two years later I did it ... the chairs are next, then the walls, then the art and so on.
above a so sad before pic. Below a good start.
I'm hoping that by keeping track on here ...I will be more motivated to finish .
Below is a peek at the new rug I will be using in the dinning room.

The Shabby Nest


  1. it looks so good...what did you do with it?stain the top and paint the legs or you didnt touch the top just the legs??btw I have a very similar dining room but mine I bought it from the mall and I was stupid back then I refused to buy anything old eventhough my husband trying to convince me too and now after I discovered the blog world almost all the women has the same dining table ( stained top and antique whitw bottom) and in a fraction what I paid for ( stupid stupid me)

  2. Hi ... Thanks. I striped the top. Then I put poly over the top and it brought out all the color and beauty of the old wood ...If you click to enlarge the after photo you can even see all the age and little dings around the edges (which I like).Then I just painted the rest of the table and distressed it. My chairs are newer,but I hope after the same paint treatment they will fit right in. I also plan to recover the chairs ... I have been waiting 3 weeks for the fabric to come in. Thanks for stopping by ....i hope you will stop back to see the finished result.


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