Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Antique Gun

Hi everyone. My name is Nathan, Francine insisted i be writing this post so i could better explain this wonderful find of ours. It is a very old, double barrel 12 gauge shotgun. I got it in an online auction and was ecstatic when i won it.

Right now we have it displayed on top of the tv cabinet in our bedroom, along with a beautiful bird box and a small old print. 
I love the double hammers, they are called "rabbit ear" hammers cause they stick out above the gun like a bunnies ears stick out. 
 A view staring down the barrels, of course it was unloaded just so no one thinks im a crazy person.
 A picture with the barrels open. You can kind of see the makers engraving where it is open, it reads "Neumann Bros."
Another view with it open, you can see some of the checkering on the stock in this one. 
I know there are many who would not consider a gun a work of art, but in my opinion the craftsmanship and detail it took to make this really peaked my interest. I appreciate the effort it took to create this and consider it a masterpiece. Here is hoping a few of you liked it as much as i do. Thanks!

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