Thursday, June 21, 2012

Medicine anyone?

I had to share with everyone Nathans newest finds. First let me say Nathan and I are different in the following way ... I am more a vintage lover/decorator,  Nathan is more of a vintage lover/Collector.
We could be standing right next to each other and we will both notice different things. My eyes might go to a stack of vintage textiles ....his to apothecary bottles, like below.

I'm not complaining ... we both love each others finds, our eyes just seem to land on opposite things. Things we might have missed if we were treasure hunting alone. I like to transform , rescue and recycle things ... he likes things that are perfect the way they are. I'm hoping that's not the way we feel about each other ... well hooray for me ... not so good for him. All kidding aside (he is the most ideal man in the world for me, I could not have dreamed up a man this perfect ) 

So these are a collection of his apothecary bottles. The large one he had for a bit .... the others he just found.

Don't you just love the little round medicine box.

I just hope I can keep up in decorating with and around his collecting ... he has really got the bug.
I hope in a few years I won't be changing our blog to HORDING what you Love.  :)

Thanks for reading, Francine

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  1. You sound like the perfect pair! Love the old bottles!!!

  2. From the look of your beautiful pics you are very far from hoarding!!! But I think it's something all of us who love old things worry about:) A couple of episodes of "Hoarders" always cures me. The bottles look so lovely!!! How awesome that you both share a love of these things:)

  3. I love your blog! Just found you through your feature at The Thrifty Groove, and had to tell you how much I loved your old window turned picture frame. Now that I'm here I see there is much to be loved.
    I'm following you and inviting you to share at our linky party, too. We'd love to have you!

  4. Francine,

    I think it's wonderful that he loves collecting his kind of "art" HA! Isn't it amazing how he sees the beauty in items that you would have otherwise overlooked. I'm more of a vintage textile, old silverware, and crates sorta girl. I really admire your taste in vintage items and the way you put together vignettes, you're natural!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I think the two of you complement each other perfectly! Love the labels on the apothecary bottles.

  6. Hi Francine...I think that when you have someone like Nathan - you will always wind up with new and different things that you yourself would never choose. The same is true of my husband. He will pcik nearly perfect items (and I will choose those in need of help - like you would choose!).

    I almost scored a wonderful old desk at an estate sale in the Hamptons for about $100 - becuase i could see how wonderful it would be with a little help. But my husband found so many flaws - that it would take so much effort to get it back to the condition that it should be in.

    I wonder though - was he the right one...or me? Maybe you have to be more of an optimist when treasure hunting at a flea market or estate sale. Perfection just isn;t what you are going to find!!

    But - I do love his apothecary bottles - love, love them!!


    PS - I am a new follower. Hopefully you will visit and follow me as well!

  7. francine, i think you and your husband compliment each other's finds beautifully:)

  8. Hi Francine, I love the apothecary jars and have several myself. I am a new follower and off to check out your archives. Thanks for joining the Open House Party.

  9. I got a kick out of this post. I suspect we all have our little loves - for me, it's Victorian ball and stick fretwork and stained glass windows. If my hubby let me, our house would be packed because each piece is unique. And don't tell him....but I have a love for those ole apothecary bottles as well!

  10. It sounds like you two make a great thrifting team! And I LOVE the jars! What great finds! Thanks for sharing at TTF and have a fantastic day!


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