Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eye Opening

CoCo & Company ... Chippy paint, rusty iron,old bark cloth filled with fluffy down ...

this place makes me think I could pull off a construction sign in my living room!

Though not so much ,this paper skirt. If you have a dress form ,then pull out the paper ...cause this is adorable!

You may wonder why I post so much about CoCo & Company . They say you never forget your first love. I guess you can say this shop was my first love in a style that really excited me.

When I walked into CoCo & Company ...I thought I could live here!
The more I thought about it ...I thought , Why can't I !

From that trip on ...I was determined to live in a place that was filled with light , filled with the things I love ... things I could afford ... yes a house that makes me smile when I walk through the door!

My home has slowly been evolving to truly reflect me.
No more worrying about what other people might think or say ... a home for just me and my family!
After all at the end of the day ... it is our house. (see the wood shop sign in the above photo, they were selling individual letters ... I snaged one. You can see it in my kitchen below)(S is for our last name).

decorating this way is a slow process you cant just drive up to a discount store and just furnish your home in a one stop shop sort of fashion. It takes time to truly find pieces that you love ... sometimes you start with pieces that you just like and switch them out later for things that you love ... sometimes you make them into things that you love (hello paint). Sometimes it is just a waiting game. But the end result is worth it.

If you have been wanting to dive into a new style ...I say take the plunge.
 I went past my fears and took the plunge ...and I couldn't be happier.

 well I could have been a tad bit happier if I could have fit the candle chandelier and the iron screen in my car. (above photo) At least the S fit . We all need to pack lighter on Vacation LOL :)

Cute old sign!

Just look at that chippy paint !I think I need to trade in my car for a truck LOL :)

I really love this arch top window, but that modern animal print lampshade really brings new life to that vintage lamp ... so cool!
 Well thank you CoCo & Company for the eye opener and thank you to all that painstakingly took the time to read today's post. 

PS. To see more photos of CoCo & Company ... view an older post HERE


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  1. What a wonderful shop!! I love this post and agree that we all need to stop worrying what others think and just do what we love! I never thought twice abt how our home looked to others till a neighbor came over and made snide comments abt my at the time coastal theme. It ruined me. I forever since worry what others think but am slowly working on getting over it. Anyways thanx for coming to the party!

  2. Francine,

    What a cool shop! I could also live in that shop. They have beautiful items! I j'adore that arched window in the bottom photo. I would love to have that in my place.

    I loved this post! I too, quit worrying about what others thought and filled my place with things I love that old, worn, chippy, and a favorite...anything french inspired.


  3. I can see why you love that wonderful shop. It's full of pretties and unusual decor.
    I also love your home. And, you are right, it's your home, so decorate to make yourself happy.


  4. Um I the car for the truck.. I'll back you up all the way and i will make myself available to load it up with tearsure from your store!!


  5. What a great shop! I love all the stuff they have. And you are so right- it takes time to make your house a home and fill it with things you love.

  6. I wish I could walk around in that store. I try not to think about what other's think of my home. It is ecletic and has dishes pretty much in every room. I've given up in trying to convince people that I do use them. I just enjoy my stuff.

  7. It's fun to have a place you can regularly visit for inspiration and items to buy.

  8. Good for you for going with what you love to create your home! I'm following now and enjoying reading back through your posts. I hope you can stop by sometime.

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