Friday, September 16, 2011

Living room brightens up

Here is my living room now.

Below is how it started.

then to this
Even after lightning the walls it just seemed to dark ... it didn't feel like me.
I knew I need to bring in a touch of today in with my love of vintage. I wanted a fresher look. So here is what I did. down with the lace curtains. I think seeing the wood behind them just made them look dirty. I hung simple panels w darker braid accents.  I replaced the lamps but ...I'm still looking for just the right ones.  I switched out my grandmothers picture with a large gold mirror. Grandmas lovely ornate picture will find a home in another room. 
I had the chair recovered with a lovely toile fabric.

I also updated the rug. I am currently looking for a unique coffee table ... one that won't take up as much space. I'm sure you can tell this is a very small room approx 11.5' x 14'. I want to  replace the side tables with a miss matched set , I also considered painting them with chalk paint. (any suggestions on color?) 

I love the ethereal look and feel of the room now.  It is so much more me now.


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  1. I love your new living room! All the white is so calm and peaceful. I think you're side tables would look great in a soft gray or tan, no need to buy new ones! Or just give them to me, I'll take em!

  2. Your changes are all wonderful, and I'm looking forward to see how your LR evolves!

  3. It looks so calming with all thise white color.I loved the toile chair so pretty...and yes you can paint those end tables they look expensive so dont get rid of them...

  4. Your living room looks great. So much brighter. Paint the tables. It's such an easy fix.

  5. I love all the changes. It still has a vintage feel but is so much more "today". Great choices. I'm not sure I would paint the side tables. I have two sofas just like yours and thought I wanted to paint my side table but could never come up with a color. Now, I like the wood. I think every room needs a little bit of wood furniture and your tables are lovely.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog so that I could find yours. :)

  6. Wow- the changes are subtle but make a huge difference. It's lighter and brighter now. Isn't it funny how we can live with something for so long and not really notice? At least it's that way for me ;) Love the changes.

    Thanks for dropping by!Hope to see you again soon.

  7. Francine, It is a beautiful room and I love the changes you made. Gorgeous! Thank you for linking to the Open House party.

  8. Wow!!! What a transformation! Your changes are absolutely gorgeous :)


  9. I love the things you did. I too am looking for a change. I think curtains are were I may start. Yours made a big difference.

  10. What a great transformation! I saw your post over on Wow Us Wednesday. I am a newbie to blogging and your newest follower. I hopw you will follow back! Blessings to you!

  11. Love the changes in your room - so bright and cheerful! Toile is always a good choice! Linda

  12. Francine,

    I made an audible "ahhhh" when I saw your updated room; so light and fresh but with subtle details that keep it rich and interesting. I have to say your room doesn't look small as you mentioned, perhaps because of the color palette that creates harmony without high contrast between elements, it just flows "bigger". I hope you enjoy many relaxing hours in that room!


  13. Great makeover! I'm wanting to lighten up my living room as well. You did a great job of incorporating what you already had but freshening and lightening it up with new accessories and small changes. Thank you for sharing your "new" living room with us at Inspiration Friday!


  14. I love how you lightened up the room. It feels so much more inviting. It looks great.

  15. Gorgeous transformation and I love that toile pattern on that chair. Thanks for joining Wow.


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