Monday, September 12, 2011

Fabric finds

I thought I would share some fabric finds with you.
To the right in the above photo I found this great grain sack with grey print. I found this for only 5 dollars. I plan on making a pillow out of it. All the other pillowcases I found at a yard sale. They are sooo pretty. I found 3 pairs ... they were only 50 cents each. I was so happy ...I love white linens.
There is one I might use for a sewing project because there is some yellowing from age on the back side that I'm not sure is going to come out ... but I have something in mind for it. Here are closer looks at the details ... click to see them larger.
I'll be sure to post anything I make.

Share your great finds here

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1 comment:

  1. Great finds....I loved the old sack
    Do you know that you can link up your post so other bloggers can see them?
    By th way: today by mistake I erased all my comments :'( I was cleaning my inbox this is what I thought...I can't believe how stupid I am


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