Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monthly button Swap Party !

This party is a monthly button swap party. It works like this, everyone interested in joining the party will add their blog button. You will have 7 days to do so. When party closes, I will randomly select two blog buttons at a time & pair 2 partners up, I will post the partners that will be swapping buttons on my next post.(I will also feature some of the blogs)
Partners will be swaping buttons with eachother for one month.
You should make a post telling everyone who your months swap partner is and display their button in the post and on your side bar.Your partner will do the same for you (If it is ok with your partner, you may want to share some photos or posts from their blog)(get as creative as you like)
I ask that your blog be dedicated to decor, thrifting,food vintage and all things closley related.
Party will take place the first of every month. 

Don't forget that one lucky person will receive these little gifts below.
I have already chosen a number and whoever links up their button in that spot will receive these little gifts. Ethereal PLUS what I Love Tote bag,Photo,a bar of all natural oatmeal soap and this set of framed vintage keys that I put together!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Snapdragons, Party reminder & a Little Something

Hi I wanted to show the lovely snapdragons Nathan brought home for me ... they look sweet on the chest in the living room... Don't you think?

I have loved snapdragons ever since I was a little girl.

 I also want to remind everyone about the button swap party ...just two more days.

I hope you are all going to come and party with us.
spread the word ...the more the merrier .

To get everyone all excited about the party ...I put together a little something for one lucky party member.

I have already chosen a number ... so who ever links up in that spot for the party is going to receive an Ethereal PLUS what I Love tote bag,photo,a bar of all natural oatmeal soap and this little framed set of vintage keys I put together. Plus a little surprise :)

If you haven't read about the party yet click here for more info.

Party ...Here...Aug. 1st-aug.6th...Your Invited :)

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Recycle old paper into beads

Looking for another project to recycle old book pages, newspaper or used wrapping paper. If so , I have one for you today. Have you ever made paper beads? I have ... about 20 yrs or more ago. Wow do I feel old just saying that . Here is a pair of earrings I made today out of an old book page I had laying around and some hematite beads.

Here are the steps to follow to make the beads.

Print out a template on card stock or you can make one by hand if your good at that sort of stuff (figure 1). The widest part at the bottom should be no wider than 1/2" (this is what determines the width of your bead).
Use pencil to trace your template out on the paper your going to use (the thinner the paper the better the results)(scrapbook paper might not be a good option) newspaper and thin gift wrap(usually the inexpensive kind)works best.(be sure to use a spray matte sealer on your paper if you are going to use news paper or you will have ink everywhere) Your paper will look like figure 2 after you cut it out.

Now take a hollow center Q-tip and cut one end off (you can use a coffee stir that is hollow like a straw in the middle if you don't have Q-tips with hollow centers). Using a white glue or decoupage, attach the strip of paper around the stick of the Q-tip. Start with the wide side of the strip, wipe the back of the paper with a thin layer of glue as you go. Keep the strip centered in the middle as you wrap around the stick. When your done , brush some glue or decoupage around the whole bead. It should look like figure 3. You can cut off the other end of the Q-tip and stick it in foam core, until it dries (see figure 4). (this is handy if you are making a lot at one time).
When the beads are dry, cut the ends of the Q-tip flush with the beads on both sides. There you have your paper bead. The bead when dry is hard and more durable than one might think These make lovely necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They can add a personal touch to your homemade jewelry. How about saving the wrapping paper scraps from a daughter or granddaughters first birthday and using them to make a necklace or bracelet out of them to put away for her when she is older.
I am sure all you creative people out there can find many ...many ways to use them:)

Don't forget to come back on the 1st for my first monthly "button Swap" party

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Old & Rusty + 11 Things to Get to Know me

OK lets start with the old and rusty, then on to 11 things you may not know about me. 
My kids have informed me that I post to many lame jokes ...so i will make no mention on the list about me getting old & rusty. 
I have always had a thing for old keys. I'm not sure what it is about them. Like this collection I have sitting on the book bundle below.
Can you imagine what treasure, secrets or doors these may have opened.
Who's pockets they have been in, Who's wall they may have hung on.
Now they sit in my house and make me wonder.

A little while back I found this old wood tray with handle at an antique store in Hamburg Pa.
I'm not sure of what its original purpose was. I fell in love with its natural worn texture. Here it is below with some ball jars and other lil treasures of ours.
To my old soda crate Nathan added a treasure of his from when he was little. Can you see the antler sitting in the crate below? Nathan found this on a walk with his grandfather years ago. Its nice that he kept them.

Now lets see if I can come up with some things people may not know about me.
1. I am an only child
2. I am a licensed hair stylist and makeup artist.
3. I use to make and sell dollhouse miniatures.
4. Before I started my family , I wanted to be a school art teacher.
5. I love Jane Austin movies.
6. I love seafood.
7. I always used to watch Ellery Queen with my mom, late at night.
8. I hate  the cold weather.
9. I still love PB&J sandwiches.
10. What I expect most from myself and those close to me is Loyalty, honesty & compassion.
Ok that is 10 :) 
The 11th is i will be hosting a monthly button swap party, here at Ethereal PLUS what I Love , starting the 1st of August. 
Click on the party Rules link below for more details of how this party works.

Feel free to FB & Tweet about the party ... invite all your friends ! The bigger the party the better!

Ethereal PLUS what I Love

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