Monday, September 30, 2013

Bathroom Reveal

Drum roll pleeeeease , Its the moment you have all been waiting for. Well alright, its the moment I've been waiting for. The first completed room in my house :). Some rooms are 90% complete some 20 others 10, but not this baby ... Yay!

I have been wanting to finish this room since the new floor, vanity top and TILE was put in.

I finally grabbed my paint brush and mustard up the strength to finish this room knowing that, because of my Fibromyalgia , I would pay for it later and boy did I ever. But it was worth it ... to have this room done.
I hope you like the finished results as much as I do:)

It is such a good feeling when you pull of that blue tape, you know that the hard part is over. But as you can see that only lasts for a few seconds... till you realize, you have a huge mess to clean up and put away.

 Love freshly painted walls. The paint I used was called Luxury linen.
I like it with the white.
I added a shelf over the door for extra storage of toilet paper and soaps. And what small bathroom doesn't need extra storage.

I  have hooks on the back of the door for bath towels and face towels. We also put on a new toilet seat.

Out of the 5 cubbies in the bathroom this is the only one dedicated to decorative pieces.

The rest of the shelves are all functional . they hold things like hairspray, combs and brushes. The tripple basket organizer I bought a long time ago from a local craft store. The large one on top holds my make up and the tiny ones under it hold small necessities like nail clipper, files, tweezers and such. The bottom two shelves hold towels.
We got a new medicine cabinet too ... no more tape holding broken shelves in place :)
We bought it at Lowes ... the inside is really nice.
I once heard that 40% of guests at a party will look in the hostesses medicine cabinet. Really? Is that true?Who knows :) For the 40% of you that would look ... here you go :)
Was it all you hoped it would be :) LOL
Now back to the pretty stuff :)

I decided to do a grouping on the wall instead of just one thing over the toilet... I wanted to change it up from how it has been for the past few years.

Is there such a group as OAA ( over accessorizing anonymous) If there is I need to be there :)

The cup on the toilet holds retired tooth brushes ... space is tight, but I don't store our toothbrushes on the john LOL :) 

I put a pull out mirror by the sink. It gets used alot for eyebrow tweezing  and makeup. I think I only paid 5 dollars for it at Ikea(online). Other places want over 30 dollars for similar ones.

These little jars I bought at the Christmas tree shop for about $1.

I might need to attend a meeting for soap too:)

The shower curtain is from Joss & Main. Joss and Main 
I fell in love with those ruffles:)

The little cabinet above holds my skin care ... moisturizers, toner and things like that.

I love  poetry by Edgar A Guest. The above picture was a gift:)

You guessed it more storage.
This is the only full bathroom in the house shared by 5 ... we need all the storage we can get.
I don't like a cluttered bathroom. Because of my ocd I want to hide everything:) This holds a spare roll of toilet paper & a few feminine products for easy access. Along with some hand towels. 

Some old photos I found at an antique shop.

This tote hangs on the wall ... you guessed it ...for more storage :)

I tried to balance the new with the old and to make the most of this tiny little space.
I hope you enjoyed the reveal of my small overly accessorized  bathroom , It has been a long time coming.
Now I get to enjoy obsess about finishing everything else:)

Shower curtain options from my Zazzle Shop

Please feel free to copy and paste the breast cancer awareness image below to remind people the importance of breast health.
Take care! 


Old-fashioned flowers! I love them all:
The morning-glories on the wall,
The pansies in their patch of shade,
The violets, stolen from a glade,
The bleeding hearts and columbine,
Have long been garden friends of mine;
But memory every summer flocks
About a clump of hollyhocks.
The mother loved them years ago;
Beside the fence they used to grow,
And though the garden changed each year
And certain blooms would disappear
To give their places in the ground
To something new that mother found,
Some pretty bloom or rosebush rare —
The hollyhocks were always there.
It seems but yesterday to me
She led me down the yard to see
The first tall spires, with bloom aflame,
And taught me to pronounce their name.
And year by year I watched them grow,
The first flowers I had come to know.
And with the mother dear I’d yearn
To see the hollyhocks return.
The garden of my boyhood days
With hollyhocks was kept ablaze;
In all my recollections they
In friendly columns nod and sway;
And when to-day their blooms I see,
Always the mother smiles at me;
The mind’s bright chambers, life unlocks
Each summer with the hollyhocks.
— By Edgar A. Guest

Friday, September 13, 2013

Living Room Tour

I thought I would give everyone a  little walk through the living room.

Warning ... Photo overload:)

I still have to paint the base board trim.

and the trim around the door ways

Here is a close up of the right end table.

The new light:)

Behind these doors are the dining room.

Here is the one corner opposite the couch.

Here is a close up of the shelf behind the chair.

I love this little ladder I found,it is such a cute end table.

I still have to paint the radiator cover and around the window.

A close up of the left end table:)

I hope you enjoyed the more detailed look into my living room

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